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May 5, 2020

The competition will go on!

Project ECHO’s Business Plan Competition will occur as a virtual competition on May 31, 2020.  

Currently enrolled schools and clubs may choose to participate in the on-line competition.   Written business plans will be accepted from April 10 – May 15. Teams will also be required to present their business plans to a panel of judges, with their slide decks, utilizing Zoom.


STEP 1: Registered teachers will be provided with instructions on how their teams should register on Younoodle, Project ECHO’s online evaluation platform.  These instructions should be shared with their students. Students will be required to create a YouNoodle profile, upload a team photo, or a collage photo of individual team members, enter team member contact information, and upload their written business plan. The C.E.O. of the team will serve as the primary contact.

STEP 2: Once a team has completed their Younoodle registration process, the C.E.O. of the team, along with his/her teacher, will receive detailed information on how to participate in the May 31 Business Plan Competition.

STEP 3: Teams will compete in pre-assigned Zoom video conference calls. Each team will be assigned a time to call in, and a 10 minute grace period allowed to ensure all team members can join the call.  It’s important to note that there will be multiple Zoom conferences taking place simultaneously, and teams will only be allowed to access the conference to which they were invited.

STEP 4: During the team’s presentation, one person will be allowed to “share their screen,” and facilitate the advancement of the slide deck.  All of the team members are expected to participate on the call, present their area of expertise, and participate as appropriate during the judge’s Q&A.

STEP 5: Project ECHO will have a separate link for all participants to join a webinar where the winning teams will be announced.


We understand that teachers and their students will have questions regarding the new format, and as this is new territory for Project ECHO, we hope you’ll be patient as we determine the new competition. We are very open to hearing your comments, questions and suggestions and hope you will use the form below to submit your feedback.

Project ECHO continues to keep those who have been affected by the virus, including those who care for the ill, in our thoughts.

Diane Quast

Executive Director

2020 Biz Plan Competition Inquiry and Feedback Form

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