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For teens ready to innovate and create solutions through innovative products or services or businesses seeking a new perspective, Project ECHO Labs brings the two communities together.

Project ECHO Labs, a consortium of hundreds of creative and avant-garde high school students will innovate, create and present their contemporary solutions to your most pressing business concerns, expansion options, or social causes. Let our teens inspire your organization’s next product, service or solution.

Corporate partners will identify (examples):

  • A company-based or industry issue or problem that needs to be resolved
  • A technology that is begging to be considered for an alternative use
  • A social issue that needs new insight on how to change public perception or reactions

Project ECHO teen lab participants will:

Design an innovative solution to the problem. Teens will work in teams as they consider the challenge and ideate multiple solutions before moving forward with their best idea. Participants will utilize strategic and conceptual methods to develop, prototype, and sketch their solutions. In addition, teens will develop surveys and test their hypothesis among their communities. Based on the challenge,

Competition Platform

Corporate partners can expect to receive multiple solutions from teams of teens from across the southland.  All submissions become the shared property of Project ECHO and the corporate partner. Corporate partners will receive submissions for consideration and will work with Project ECHO to identify the winning submission(s). Submissions will generally include a short video and a brief business plan.  Winning presentations will be announced at the upcoming High School Entrepreneurs’ Business Plan Competition, scheduled for May 3, 2020 at UCLA..

To learn more, please request the Mission Possible brochure by emailing Diane Quast at dquast@projectecho.org.