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Boot Camp

Project ECHO’s High School Entrepreneur’s Business Boot Camps


Project ECHO’s High School Entrepreneur’s Business Boot Camps launch the year-long program in the Fall. Held at UCLA’s Korn Hall, ECHO recruits industry leaders to offer relevant trainings to help our teens get started on their entrepreneurial quests.  Throughout the morning-long events, MBA candidates from UCLA provide mentorship to the teens as they break out into small groups to complete preliminary exercises.

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Boot Camp #1: Ideation and Marketing

2015 Event Program and Speaker Bios

Ideation: Forming your Business Idea, Presented by Tyler Jorgenson, The Biz Ninja

Presentation Video

Presentation Slides

Marketing: Communicating the Value of a Product, Presented by David Stewart, Ph.D., Loyola Marymount University

Presentation Slides Marketing Presentation Slide Deck.pdf


Boot Camp #2: Finance and Pitch

Event Program and Speaker Bios

Introduction to Business Finance, Presented by Kim Hopkins, Ph.D., Tax Credit Co.

Presentation Video

Presentation Slides Finance Presentation Slide Deck.pdf


Introduction to Pitch and Presentations, Presented by Lisa Tsou, The Winning Pitch

Presentation Video

Presentation Slides Pitch Presentation Slide Deck.PDF


The 2015 Boot Camp Series has been completed and no additional Boot Camps will be offered this program year. The next Boot Camp Series will be offered in the fall of 2016.  Boot Camp is part of a year-long program in entrepreneurship and students who are currently enrolled in Project ECHO through their high school are eligible to attend. Project ECHO currently does not have a program for individual students to participate, though they are welcome to watch the videos from our most recent events.