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2019 High School Registration Application
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It's a fun year ahead with lots of events at UCLA.
A lot of planning goes into hosting our events at UCLA and we need to get an early head count so we can plan accordingly. By checking the boxes below, you're demonstrating your interest in attending these events. As event dates approach, you'll receive a separate registration form and parent permission slip to distribute to your students.

Summary of Events

Teacher Boot Camp: Led by a Master Teacher, this session is for new and returning ECHO teachers. This class will provide an overview of the Project ECHO entrepreneurial curriculum and provides an open forum for teachers to discuss best practices in implementing the program into the classroom.

Boot Camps 1 and 2: Hosted in the Fall, Boot Camps are events that launch the entrepreneurial curriculum. Boot Camp 1 will introduce Ideation and Marketing. Boot Camp 2 will introduce Finance and Pitch. Expert speakers present the topics while UCLA MBA graduate students work one on one with teens to reinforce topics through multiple breakout sessions.

Mega Mentor Day: Project ECHO’s Mega Mentor Day brings the students back to UCLA and allows them to collaborate with MBA mentors in preparation for the Business Plan Competition. Students should plan to attend with their business team and should be prepared to review their written business plan with MBA mentors in addition to practicing their business pitch on center stage. MBA mentors will help fine tune the plans and pitches by providing constructive feedback intended to help teens have a successful experience.

Finals Business Plan Competition: Our marquis event, this vibrant business plan competition allows high school entrepreneurs to present their written business plans and formal pitch decks to the judges. Winning teams walk away with cash start-up funds.

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Supplemental Student Fund Raising Opportunity
Project ECHO has created a student ad form, allowing your students to sell ads and sponsorships to help off-set any program expenses. Teams may now keep 100% of the revenue raised from selling $10 spirit ads.

To learn more, please download the form from the website under the teacher resources section.

This concludes the initial application process. You'll soon be contacted by our program manager to welcome you aboard, provide you with links to our online curriculum and confirm our billing process. *
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