Entrepreneurship Summer Program
Teen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer (TIES) program in downtown Los Angeles
July 1st and concluding July 24th, 2019.
TIES is a career acceleration program for rising seniors. Over three weeks, students will learn human-centered design practices, respond
to design challenges and have meaningful on-site internships and days of innovation with industry partners. Students accepted into TIES will have demonstrated an aptitude for critical thinking, responsibility and teamwork. TIES participants will launch their Innovation and Entrepreneurship summer with a robust classroom-based experience, combined with multiple location-based “Days of Innovation” and two different Week-Long Internships. These field experiences will introduce students to multiple industries where they will learn about industry specific career opportunities. Using design-thinking students will also consider WHY? Why does this industry or product thrive? Why do people interact or engage with brands? Through the lens of empathy and in partnership with their peers, participants will be challenged to consider an industry challenge, and work with employee mentors who’ll initiate solution based thinking. Each Day of Innovation challenge and Week-Long Internship will integrate specific learning objectives accomplished in Project ECHO’s entrepreneurship and design thinking curriculum. Presenting a capstone project is an important element of the TIES program, and each student will get to choose one challenge that they learned about from either a Day of Innovation, or from their Week-Long Internship. Students will present their project on the last day of the program.

No prior experience in business or entrepreneurship is required of participants.

Each day will run from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Cost: $2,900

Early Bird Discount: Save $200 if registration and payment is received by May 1, 2019.

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Overview of the agenda topics for TIES Institute.

    • IDEAS, IDEATION & DESIGN THINKING: (Introduction to Ideation: Coming up with Solution-Based and Innovative Ideas)
      • Learn the process of idea generation through an array of creative processes such as brainwriting, sketching, prototyping, and design thinking.  Participants will work with all sorts of mediums to ignite their own personal genius. (an example of such a workshop, and other resources)
      • Industry analysis is an important tool for understanding the risks and opportunities that your product or service might face as it prepares to enter the marketplace. Students will learn how to identify factors that influence their industry and use data gathered through research to forecast anticipated growth. Students will also learn how to identify their competitors and target market by how they will differentiate their new product or service through SWOT analysis.
    • FINANCIAL LITERACY & BUSINESS FINANCE: (The Bottom Line of Business Finance: An introduction to Business Finance)
      • This session is designed to teach students how to set long and short-term personal and financial goals; create and work with both personal budget and business budgets. Students should be able to: identify how and when to use credit; save and invest; and understand the basics of banking services. The goal is to provide students with an interesting, entertaining, and challenging way to learn and apply financial decision-making skills.
      • Students will learn about the globally recognized approach of the Lean Canvas which is a one-page blueprint of a business plan. Composed of 9-basic building blocks, students will learn how to document and validate a business plan without having to write a multi-page proposal.
    • VISUAL STORYTELLING: (Introduction to Marketing: An Action Plan for Success)
      • It’s one thing to have a great product or service, but if you don’t know how to share the value of what you’re offering, it may not sell. In this session, students will learn how to use creative commons resources to build powerful visual content inside of powerpoint, wix and imovie
    • PUBLIC SPEAKING & THE ART OF PITCHING: (Nervous About Presenting? An Introduction to Public Speaking)
      • The world of business moves quickly and you may have less than 60 seconds to make an impression that lasts whether through verbal, written or image-driven communication.
    • THE FINAL PITCH: (The Elevator Pitch Contest)
      • On the last day of camp, each participant (team) will have filmed their pitch, showcasing their prototype, defending their financial plan and showcasing their visual storytelling elements.