There are many resources available on-line to help you through every part of the Project ECHO program. ECHO has started to collect some of the favorite sites and books that students, teachers and mentors most often refer to.

This list is growing! If you’ve come across websites, books or videos that have been beneficial to you through your ECHO experience, please let us know. We’d like to make our Resources Page a thorough compilation of information that can assist those who participate in our program. Simply Contact Us so that we can add them here.


Resources For Students

These materials will help students to prepare for meetings with their mentors and to develop their written business.

Business Concept / Business Plan Form:
Organize basic information about your business concept.
Business Plan Form

Business Concept Development Exercise:
This exercise will help your team develop the business idea. The strongest concepts are ones that address a “customer pain”. By answering “who are the customers” and “what is their pain”, your team can define the market. Then, think of how your product solves the customer’s pain or problem. This will be your “value proposition”.
Business Concept Development Exercise

Sample Survey for On-Campus Food Sales:
This is a sample survey to help your team determine “who is the customer” and “what is the need” for on-campus food sales.
Sample Survey On-Campus Food Sales

Teacher Resources

Teachers who are preparing their teams for the upcoming High School Enrepreneur’s Business Plan Competition have access to curriculum materials via this website. These materials have been developed by Project ECHO to help students prepare for the upcoming business plan competition. To gain access to the curriculum, a teacher must first submit the on-line registration materials found on the home page.

Starting a Business

Information on income statement, balance sheet, cash-flows, business terms

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
by Kathleen Allen
448 pages, Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0026440687

This book and related materials give students the information and decision-making skills necessary to start a small business and make it grow.There is special emphasis on developing the Business Plan. Available at McGraw Hill or Amazon.

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