Project ECHO is currently hiring for the following positions:

Public Relations Intern 2019

Return to Work Program

Project ECHO’s Return To Work program is intended for individuals with professional experience who are¬†seeking to return to work after a long leave of absence. RTW offers short (4-5 month) internship-type opportunities that are intended to refresh professional skills, build workplace readiness and offer immediate personal success through project-driven activities.


In return, an RTW participant will be able to update their resume with a professional consultant gig, receive a letter of recommendation from the executive director, and include the executive director as a professional reference for future job search opportunities, participate in networking opportunities within the Project ECHO community and may be extended a stipend.

RTW current opportunities include:

There are no positions at this time, though if you are ready to return to work and have a unique talent that you think could be of a benefit to Project ECHO, please send an email with a proper cover letter and resume following the directions below.

Have a question, want more information, or want to apply?

Email Diane Quast, Executive Director, at